Netris Enabling VPC Networking On-Prem, the DevOps Part

Recently in silicon valley, Netris CEO Alex Saroyan presented Netris at Networking Field Day. What is Networking Field Day? Unlike other events in the tech space, NFD is a unique event that invites up to 6 companies to present their product and also invites 12 thought leaders in the industry to discuss the advances in technology.

Networking Field Day is both in-person and virtual and is held in a presentation format and allows a panel of delegates to have an open discussion with the presenter. During NFD 28 Alex Saroyan presented the Netris solution in two parts. The first video is held from the DevOps perspective. Video 2 is taken from the network engineering point of view.

For more about the Netris demo at networking field day. Click below and review blogs from the panel of delegates:

Alex Saroyan has been involved in architecting and operating large-scale data center networks for telcos and online companies globally since 2001. Passionate about efficiency, simplicity, and goodness, Alex has co-founded to bring cloud-like user experience to private on-prem networks.