Equinix Metal API integration enablement

For each Equinix Metal Project+location you need to define an individual Site in Netris Controller.

Go to Netris Web Console → Net → Sites and click +Add.

You only need to deal with the below 5 fields. Leave the rest to default values for now.

Netris Parameter

What to do:

Switch Fabric

Select “Equinix Metal” from the dropdown menu.


Type a descriptive name for your Equinix Metal Project+location.

Equinix Project ID

Copy/Paste the Project ID from Equinix Metal portal under Project Settings → General → Project ID.

Equinix Project API key

Create a new Read/Write API key in Equinix Metal portal under Project Settings → Project API keys → + Add New Key. Then copy/paste here.

Equinix Location

Select your equinix location from the dropdown menu.

Equinix Metal Project ID


Equinix Metal Project API key


Netris Create New Site