Infrastructure Engineering Consultants Backed by Cloud-Enabling Technology Architects & Developers

Bare Metal Infrastructure Consulting Services

We’ve been working with multiple organizations running their application in a bare metal environment. We helped many of them to design and implement their compute, storage, network, and application platforms. Besides, our software product (Netris VPC) is natively integrated with major bare metal cloud providers such as Equinix and PhoenixNAP.

Our team of experts can act as Infrastructure, Platform, and Network Engineering consultants to help you design, implement, and operate all aspects of your applications platform on any bare metal environment.
After completing your project, we can provide system training for your team or continue offering Consulting services for continued support.

Compute, Virtualization, and Storage

Need a reliable and cost-effective compute and storage platform for your bare metal environment? Our experts can help you design, implement, and operate compute and storage platforms that best serve your business needs. We are experienced in Vmware, KVM, Proxmox, and Harvester for compute platforms and in Ceph, MinIO, Rook, and Portworx for S3 and block storage, and many others.

Kubernetes Clusters

Using Kubernetes in the public cloud for a simple use case is straightforward. But networking and operations can become challenging when running a local Kubernetes cluster on bare metal. We have helped many customers to abstract away such complexities. Our Network and Kubernetes experts can help you design, implement, and operate a production-grade Kubernetes cluster for any environment so you can entirely focus on application development.

Interconnect bare metal with AWS and GCP regions and more

We are experts in Networking. We even have one-button cloud-interconnect functionality in our Netris VPC software. With or without Netris VPC, our Network Engineering experts can help you interconnect all your bare-metal, office, public cloud, and any other networks as required.

Network, Elastic Load Balancing, Access Control, and High Availability

These essential network services are available resources in the public cloud. But often, in bare metal environments, you must use additional software components for load balancing, firewalling, NAT, VPN, and virtual Networking. We are experts in Networking. We have created Netris VPC, software for cloud-like Networking in any environment. We can help you get the network services your business needs with or without our software.

Evaluation, Optimization, and Automation

Our experienced infrastructure professionals can evaluate your current infrastructure setup. We can propose optimization strategies to help it serve your business better based on learnings from hundreds of other projects. We can help reduce cost, improve agility, expand, modernize, automate, or maintain and operate the infrastructure for you.

Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting

Visibility is a critical component of the stability of your services. We've worked with 100+ infrastructures throughout our experience and learned so much. Our experts will design comprehensive logging and monitoring system for your environment to help proactively identify and address potential threats to your infrastructure uptime.

Customer Testimonials

Netris's offering speeds Equinix Metal customers' deployment and management of a global network, which in turn unleashes the real power of Equinix's global reach, dense interconnection ecosystem, and hyperscale cloud adjacency.

Jason Powers
Senior Director, Product Management at Equinix

Moving from highly consumerized AWS to bare metal, we faced too many moving pieces that we needed to factor in, such as load balancing, firewalling, routing, DHCP, VPN, and high availability. We've tried various solutions, but Netris was the one that enabled us to simplify and abstract away the Networking concern. Netris software and professional services have alleviated a tremendous amount of risk and guesswork related to Network Infrastructure. So our team could entirely focus on our core business - our SaaS product.

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz
Jean-Philippe Steinmetz
CEO, Co-founder, AcceleratXR

We needed EVPN/VXLAN as a scalable foundation for the network. We chose Nvidia Spectrum switches for the best quality/price/performance ratio. We also required Firewalling, Routing, Load Balancing, VPN, NAT, and DHCP. Netris VPC ideally matched our requirements for the comprehensive operation of all aspects of our network.

Rick Fowler
Systems Engineer, Databento

Netris empowered our early engineering team to launch and operate our cloud infrastructure on our own hardware. We have expanded to three data centers in less than a year, keeping up with the exponential growth of our customer base.

Christina Qi
CEO, Databento

"With Netris we don’t need to worry about deep implementation details -- now we are able to apply a top down approach to our network policies and services, we are able to treat our switches like cattle not pets. Such approach enables us to dynamically repurpose every part of the network and serve our SRE and DevOps teams with the cloud-like experience."

Artur Kraev
Artur Kraev
CTO, Innova/4game

"With Netris automatically running the network, our users and developers now are able to fully focus on applications and services of the Alef Edge cloud"

Ganesh Sundaram
Ganesh Sundaram
CEO, AlefEdge

"With the help from cutting edge hardware partners such as NVIDIA, and network operations innovator Netris, we are deploying infrastructure quickly and with minimal investment."

Mark Kalygulov
Mark Kalygulov
VP Engineering, Aarki

"Netris allowed us to refresh our ISP network into a cloud-like flexible platform. Now we are empowered to provide the best Internet, TV, and Phone services for our customers based in Los Angeles and grow our network faster."

Aram Ter-Martirosyan
Aram Ter-Martirosyan
CTO, ConnectTo