Customers Case Studies

Aarki Case Study

Key benefits

  • 90% reduction in TCO by moving to a hybrid architecture
  • 90% less time spent by NetOps teams to manage the network
  • 50% reduction in network OpEx
  • Significant uptime gains over a traditional physical network
  • A cloud-like experience in their own data centers
Mark Kalygulov


"With the help from cutting edge hardware partners such as NVIDIA, and network operations innovator Netris, we are deploying infrastructure quickly and with minimal investment."

VP Engineering, Aarki
Mark Kalygulov

Innova ( Case Study

Key benefits

  • Easier to scale and replicate the network to enable rapid growth
  • Integration with Kubernetes, and terraform
  • 90% more efficient NetOps
  • 70% lower network OpEx
  • 90% savings on CapEx
Artur Kraev

4game - Innova

"With Netris we don’t need to worry about deep implementation details -- now we are able to apply a top down approach to our network policies and services, we are able to treat our switches like cattle not pets. Such approach enables us to dynamically repurpose every part of the network and serve our SRE and DevOps teams with the cloud-like experience."

CTO, Innova/4game
Artur Kraev