Netris Videos

Learn more about Netris through Demos, Webinars, and Technical Deep Dive sessions.

Demo - Introduction to Netris

Overview of how Netris bring cloud-like user experience to your on-premises network.

VPC Anywhere with Kelsey Hightower

CNCF Webinar moderated by Kelsey Hightower about enabling VPC Networking on any platform.

Networking Field Day - Deep Dive (NetOps part)

DevOps engineers are used to self-service VPC-networking experience in the public cloud. Netris helps NetOps to enable the same experience for on-premises networks.

Networking Field Day - Deep Dive (DevOps part)

In this presentation, CEO and co-founder Alex Saroyan introduces Netris software and demonstrates the user experience from a DevOps perspective.

Netris VPC on Equinix Metal

Overview of how Netris enables cloud-like VPC Networking user experience at Equinix Metal

Netris VPC on PhoenixNAP

How to use Bare Metal Cloud to automatically spin up dedicated servers with pre-installed Netris Controller or SoftGate software on Ubuntu.

Netris Load Balancer

Distribute network traffic to improve application scalability and availability in your private cloud.

Site-to-Site Mesh - Netris VPC Peering

VPC peering is AWS is easy. VPC peering all the way to the datacenter and office is easy with Netris.

Calico CNI integration

Get a sense of how Netris automatically handles the BGP integration between Calico and the physical Network.

From AWS to own Private Cloud

AcceleratorXR’s Jean-Philippe Steinmetz sharing their journey of moving from #AWS to own private cloud saving 90% on cost

Kubernetes on-premises

Get a sense of the experience of running Kubernetes on-premises with Netris.

Kubernetes Custom Resources

See an example of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) using Kubernetes Custom Resources.