Netris Site Mesh

The Easiest way to Interconnect Private Networks

Site Mesh is a Netris feature enabling connectivity between private networks across any region or site. Site Mesh is a VPC Peering but available for any platform (AWS, Colocation, Edge, Bare Metal, and Office).

How will Netris Site Mesh benefit me?

Netris Site Mesh accelerates your rate of spanning and operating a Site-to-Site VPN solution across a multitude of your networks (cloud, on-prem, office, anywhere). Enabling Netris Site Mesh is a single operation for you. While Netris, behind the scenes, automatically deploys a full mesh of Wireguard tunnels, generates random encryption keys, and securely delivers them to endpoints, then automatically configures routing. Hence, your private networks start communicating over secure virtual tunnels anytime you need that. Netris can even automatically calculate the best path and perform a hot switchover in case of a network failure.

How can I use Netris Site Mesh today?

Netris Site Mesh can be used anywhere. The key component is Netris SoftGate (the VPC Gateway) which you can run on bare metal or a VM. In colocation, on-prem, and bare-metal-as-a-service regions SoftGate is usually run on two dedicated servers (with SmartNICs) per region and provides end-to-end network services functionality (routing, firewalling, load balancing, NAT, DHCP, and Site Mesh). In an office or small edge regions, SoftGate can run on a mini PC (Intel NUK or similar). In the AWS region, SoftGate runs on an EC2.