VPC Networking for Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal does a fantastic job of dynamically provisioning servers and network services. However, it falls to the consumer to design, implement, and operate routers, firewalls, network virtualization, DHCP, cloud-interconnects, VPNs, load balancers, and other network services.

Netris uncomplicates your infrastructure by bringing cloud-like VPC Networking to your Equinix Metal Project.

  • Native integration with Equinix Metal API
  • Pre-validated implementation using the best open-source & Linux networking components
  • Bare metal cloud + Netris VPC = A cloud-like experience

Solution Diagram

Introduction and Demo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services does Netris VPC software provide?
  • On-demand (elastic) Load Balancer
  • Network ACLs (Access Control Lists)
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • DHCP (coming soon)
  • V-Net (virtual networks, VLANs, default gateway)
  • BGP Router
How much does it cost?
  • FREE for testing.
  • $500 per SoftGate per month.
  • $1000 per SoftGate PRO, the high-performance (DPDK) version, per month.
  • For orders and volume discounts, reach out to [email protected]
What aspects of Linux Routing does Netris SoftGate deal with?

Netris SoftGate node is fully automatic. There is no need to interfere its operation, although we don’t hide any configuration. Users are free and welcome to look and review Netris Generated configurations. Otherwise it operates on its own.

Netris SoftGate automatically generates pre-validated configurations touching:

  • Ubuntu Linux network interfaces configs. 
  • FRR – for BGP upstream (eBGP), SoftGate to SoftGate internal link, and SiteMesh (site-to-site VPN) services.
  • NFTables – for security, NAT, and Load Balancing in regular SoftGate (non-pro, not DPDK accelerated mode).
  • Pro version of SoftGate uses Netris developed packet forwarding engine leveraging DPDK that is responsible for all packet forwarding. 
  • Wireguard + Netris pathfinder (VPN tunnel performance predictability tool) – for SiteMesh, the site-to-site VPN.
  • Various customizations to Linux OS and other open-source components.
What kind of support does Netris provide?
  • Netris paid users are getting 24/7/365 enterprise support with SLAs and engineers in various time zones.
  • Netris FREE users are welcome to our slack community channel, where they can communicate with the Netris engineering team and our growing user community.
Do I still need to deal with metallb to load balance and route my incoming Kubernetes traffic?
  • With Netris, there’s no need to worry about metallb.
  • Netris provides a Load Balancer out of the box that natively integrates with Kubernetes.
  • Besides, Netris Load Balancer also supports regular servers and can be configured using Terraform.
  • Netris Load Balancer is similar to the Layer-4 Load Balancer service typically provided by a public cloud provider.
Can I use Terraform to declare my Netris resources?