Netris VPC for On-premises, Colocation, and Edge

Netris VPC for your current and new networks

Cloud practitioner DevOps, InfraOps, and NetOps teams have become used to configuring and consuming the VPC-provided network resources on-the-fly. Traditional network technologies are fundamentally designed to move packets well but not for convenient and on-demand service provisioning. 

The Netris VPC solution can operate on top of your existing network technology, enabling Network Engineers to provide the InfraOps, and DevOps engineers the cloud-like experience they need.

  • Easy for Network Engineers to integrate
  • Easy for Infra and DevOps Engineers to consume
  • Works over any ethernet network


Netris SoftGate – The VPC Gateway

SoftGate is a self-operating VPC gateway. Depending on your performance needs, you can deploy SoftGate on any virtual or physical machine. SoftGate will apply DPDK-based network acceleration if a supported SmartNIC card is detected or otherwise will fall back to optimized Linux Kernel packet processing, using XDP and eBPF where applicable. This environmental adaptability makes SoftGate suitable anywhere between a home lab, AI/ML clusters, Edge sites, and large data center deployments.


SoftGate nodes run a Netris agent that understands when and how to properly auto-configure various well-known Linux Networking components such as FRR, WireGuard, NFTables, IPtables, DPDK, eBPF, XDP, and others. Our main job is not to move packets but to automatically configure the pieces to make your network work for you.

Integration Diagram

Netris SoftGate, your VPC Network Gateway, integrates with your current network through a regular 802.1q trunk port, similar to server virtualization platforms.

Network Services you get

Elastic Load Balancer

Native Kubernetes Type: LoadBalancer Support, generic TCP or UDP services, and Intelligent Health checks

Site Mesh

Interconnect your public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises VPC Networks across regions with automatic site-to-site VPN


Control access between various segments of your network and the Internet with object oriented and regular ACLs


Isolated L2/L3 virtual network service with VLAN, VXLAN, HA, and DHCP support

Internet Gateway

Enable access to or from the Internet for instances, servers, VMs, and containers with optional support of extensive NAT and BGP Services

Intelligent IPAM

Network-aware IP address manager for automatic assignments

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