Netris VPC Software
for Open Networking Switch Fabrics

AI, ML, big data analytics, private cloud, IaaS, ISP, or high-performance computing (HPC) require a performant and scalable switch fabric. OCP and other Whitebox switches running Linux-based NOS (SONiC, Cumulus, Ubuntu/SwitchDev, DENT) are an excellent foundation for building a robust and scalable switch fabric. However, configuring switches, routers, and other networking nodes manually and individually is no longer efficient. Design, build, and operate your new switch fabric using modern cloud-like operations tools. 

Netris software helps; 

  • Operate your open networking NOS-based switch fabric safely and automatically. 
  • Deliver cloud-like VPC Networking experience and efficiency to DevOps and InfraOps teams.
  • Satisfy the expectations of modern businesses accustomed to the public cloud.

What does Netris software do for you?



Simplifies design, rollout, and implementation of the physical network.


Automatically configures, monitors, and operates your physical network infrastructure.


Integrates with Kubernetes, Terraform, DevOps tool, and more.

How does Netris do this?

Netris Controller

The Netris controller is software that you install on any Linux host or Kubernetes cluster using a single command. Users describe infrastructure service requirements through.

  • Intuitive GUI
  • RestAPI
  • Terraform provider
  • Kubernetes CRDs

Netris Agent

Each managed network device runs a Netris Agent. The agent communicates with the controller using a secured gRPC connection. 

The agent takes high level service requirements and automatically generates a fail-safe network configuration. In addition, the agent automatically collects telemetry data from switches and gateways for health monitoring and failure prevention.

Your network is now managed like a service, just like a cloud

L2 Switching

VLAN, VXLAN, IP Subnet Provisioning

Icons White No Red 2_Router
L3 Routing

BGP with full Internet routing table (FRR / DPDK)

Icons White No Red 2_Load Balancer
L4 Load Balancing

Server Load Balancing with health checks

Icons White No Red 2_Firewall
Stateless Firewall

Packet filtering with Access Control Lists (ACLs), NAT, VPN

Simple Cloud-Like Management

Layer-2 and Layer-3 Topology Designer
Traffic monitoring, status, and event views

Optimized for cloud-native applications and DevOps methodologies

Download The Data Sheet to Learn More

Understand Netris system requirements with this simple data sheet.