Netris Connect PhoenixNAP interview

Netris Connect Podcast #3 With PhoenixNAP Leadership About All Things Bare Metal Cloud

In our latest 3rd episode of Netris Connect podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting two exceptional guests: the President of PhoenixNAP Ian McClarty and an esteemed EVP of Products William Bell. It was an enlightening conversation about private cloud possibilities, why does the world need Bare Metal Cloud where there is colocation and public cloud and much more. We also covered:

  • What workloads are best suitable for Bare Metal VS AWS – what kind of workloads will benefit the most from moving to Bare Metal?
  • In what cases is it worth moving to bare metal? Is it cost-driven? Revenue-percentage-driven? Company size driven?
  • What is the joint Netris and PhoenixNAP solution and where does it fit for hybrid multi cloud users?
  • In what regions is PhoenixNAP available US and Beyond?
  • How to give Bare Metal a try?


The interview idea was inspired after having a successful roundtable discussion with PhoenixNAP on the topic “How to “Private Cloud on Bare Metal to save 90% cost compared to AWS”.

The podcast episode is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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