Innova's Data Center Network Evolution Delivers Modern Cloud-Like NetOps On-premises

Executive Summary

As an early DevOps adopter, Innova strives to deliver new products and software releases early and fast to maintain competitive advantage as a top gaming hosting platform.

Innova’s hybrid architecture quickly revealed how rapid and easy it is to deliver new services on the cloud, and conversely, how time-consuming and error-prone dynamic network operations can be on premises.

Their network operations were impeding the growth of the platform due to the largely manual nature of change request implementation and configuration. Innova tried to bring the experience of the cloud to the local data center with legacy networking vendors but soon found they needed a DevOps-first approach to network automation to achieve their goals.

Innova found that Netris delivers simple, cloud-like NetOps on prem and empowers DevOps engineers to directly provision network services automatically, giving Innova the best of both worlds.

Netris Benefits

  • Empowers DevOps engineers to directly provision network services automatically
  • Easier to scale and replicate the network to enable rapid growth
  • Integration with modern cloud management tools like Kubernetes, and more
  • 90% more efficient NetOps
  • 70% lower network OpEx
  • 90% savings on CapEx
Artur Kraev

4game - Innova

"With Netris we don’t need to worry about deep implementation details -- now we are able to apply a top down approach to our network policies and services, we are able to treat our switches like cattle not pets. Such approach enables us to dynamically repurpose every part of the network and serve our SRE and DevOps teams with the cloud-like experience."

CTO, Innova/4game
Artur Kraev

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