Netris 3.4.4 Release Notes

Release date: 09.29.2023

This minor release of Netris is focused on delivering improvements and bug fixes.

Netris improvements

1. IPv6 Support for “Site Mesh” Service:

  • The “Site Mesh” (site-to-site VPN) service now fully supports IPv6.

2. Customizable “Default private-network” in PhoenixNAP:

  • Now, it is possible to change the “default private-network” in PhoenixNAP deployment.

3. VLAN Support for E-BGP Service in PhoenixNAP:

  • Our E-BGP service in PhoenixNAP deployments now includes VLAN support.

4. Optional “Management” IP Address for SoftGate Nodes:

  • SoftGate nodes deployed in PhoenixNAP, AWS, and GCP environments no longer require a “Management” IP address, simplifying deployment options.

5. Public IP Addresses for Upstream BGP Sessions in Equinix Metal:

  • In Equinix Metal deployments, upstream BGP sessions now utilize public IP addresses instead of private link-locals, aligning with Equinix’s requirements.

Netris bug fixes

  • Impossible to utilize the unmanaged V-net functionality with the same VLAN ID across multiple sites in PhoenixNAP and Equinix Metal deployments.
  • The IPv6 Access Control List (ACL) did not accept “::/0” as a valid source value.

Thank you for choosing Netris for your networking needs. We look forward to continuously improving your experience with our solutions.