site-to-site mesh

Site-to-Site Mesh


Most organizations require to run their workloads across multiple locations, platforms, and regions. When workloads are distributed across multiple VPCs within a single cloud provider, most engineers use VPC peering to enable internal communication between distributed workloads.

At Netris, we enable our users to run VPC networks beyond the public cloud: on-prem, in data centers, on bare metal, and anywhere.
Similar to AWS VPC peering, Netris provides peering between VPC by automatically utilizing a physical wired connection or creating a full mesh of wireguard tunnels where a physical link doesn’t exist.

Today we added AWS to Netris Site Mesh functionality. Now you can also run Netris inside your AWS VPC, and you can benefit from using the automatic Site Mesh functionality to peer your AWS VPC with your Netris VPCs.

This high-level diagram describes how Netris SoftGate node runs as an EC2 instance and routes traffic between your AWS VPC and other Netris-powered VPCs.

Documentation: This Tutorial describes how to enable Netris Site Mesh on AWS

Netris Site Mesh Demo