Netris for IaaS / Colocation providers

The beauty of the public cloud is providing infrastructure that is instantaneous and smooth both for customers and the provider. There’s no back and forth of the ticketing/implementation process, no room for human error, it’s fault-tolerant, and it scales while utilizing the most out of hardware resources. Why can’t we have the cloud experience in colo networking? Or can we? Netris automatically runs your network to avoid human errors, maximize uptime, improve scalability, and maximize utilization of hardware resources. Netris enables you to provide your customers with a self-care portal for instant service provisioning.

Colo Networking

The network plays a central role in offering customers colocation services.

Small customers renting a handful of bare metal servers need a high-speed network ideally in a single domain for moving data between servers, and a growing number of public IP addresses for accessing the Internet. Large customers need to interconnect racks, between cages, connect with their public cloud, and to access the Internet.

The colo support team has to deal with servers/racks/IPs/interconnects in a constant flux. In the current age of cloud, customers don’t tolerate delays or human error any longer. Customers expect connectivity immediately and flawlessly.

Netris Your Network

The Netris software is purpose-built by long-time infrastructure practitioners to simplify deployment, operations, and scaling of the physical networks for on-premises private cloud and edge.

Netris software automatically operates your physical network, providing you with a cloud-like user experience. 

With Netris running your network, just like with the VPC in the public cloud, you only need to request network services using intuitive GUI, Terraform, or Kubernetes, without worrying about implementation details. Behind the scenes, the Netris software automatically generates the proper configuration for your network and keeps monitoring it for any errors or deviations. 

Serve your customers with a cloud-like experience

IP address requests

Your administrator or customer can easily attach/detach/move IP addresses. Netris will automatically take care of routing and make sure there are no human errors.

Infrastructure isolation

Netris provides means of controlling ingress and egress traffic to the Internet and neighboring customers.

Virtual private networks

Netris allows you to combine single-customer servers into an isolated virtual network even if the servers are located in disparate racks with mixed access layer switches.

Interconnect requests

Your customers can securely manage their virtual interconnects to ISPs in your colo and allow Netris to provision the requested service automatically, while sticking to the policies defined by the NetOps team.


Netris offers a simple Rest API that provides both visibility into services and network health, as well as the ability to create and edit services. Netris’ API enables you to integrate your network with your billing system, your CRM system, your customer portal, and more.

Load Balancers

Netris has a built-in DPDK powered Layer 4 Load Balancer consumable by your customers through a self-care portal or completely seamlessly if they are using Kubernetes.


Netris integrates with Kubernetes, and dynamically provisions the physical network to cater to the needs of your Kubernetes clusters.

High Availability

Netris ensures your network is highly available via automatically utilizing powerful networking tools like as BGP-EVPN, anycast gateways, and a built-in control plane for routing and load balancing resources.

Avoid Human Error

Netris performs sanity checks and impact analysis to prevent conflicting or disruptive configuration changes to limit the scope of human error in otherwise error-prone configurations.