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Heavy Networking 655: On-Prem VPC Networking With Netris

Heavy Networking welcomes sponsor Netris to the show with a special episode for you network nerds who are really getting into automation, infrastructure as code, pipelines, and so on. Netris is all about bringing that public cloud VPC experience to the network you’ve already got. Imagine being able to consume your existing network with APIs and being able to stand up VLANs, VXLANs, elastic load balancers, firewalls, Internet gateways, and more the same way you do in the cloud, but on premises.

If that sounds like an orchestration tool, not exactly. Netris is offering these services on its own platform. Our guest to explain how it all works is Alex Saroyan, CEO and Co-founder of Netris.

We discuss:

  • What a VPC is and why a network engineer might want something like it in on premises
  • How Netris works
  • Whether it replaces or augments automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform
  • Whether Netris cares about the underlying network hardware and network OS
  • Use cases including on-prem, colo, and edge locations
  • A packet walk with Netris
  • More