Netris 4.1.1 Release Notes

Release date: 01.31.2024

This minor release of Netris is focused on delivering improvements and fixes.

New Features and Improvements

1. Custom Local ASN for E-BGP peers:

  • The Local ASN for E-BGP peers can now be either of Site Public ASN (default), Switch Local ASN, or Custom.

2. Increased Inbound Max Prefix for BGP Peers terminated on a switch:

  • The “Prefix Inbound Max” for switch-terminated E-BGP peers can be any number up to 10,000(default) prefixes.

3. Tech-Support data collection:

  • The Netris-tech-support data collection script is now also available for the Netris controller, to facilitate support processing.

4. New location (Metro) of Equinix Metal:

  • Netris now includes the new location (Metro) of Equinix Metal: Mumbai.

      Minor and cosmetic fixes

      • In Equinix Metal, using tags to assign newly created servers to V-Net would previously cause the Layer-2 network provisioning to fail.
      • In Equinix Metal, adding a server to an existing V-Net while server provisioning is still in process would previously cause the Layer-2 network provisioning to fail.
      • The Web UI filter in the “Details” column of the E-BGP section was not working correctly with the “switch port” and “router” attributes.
      • The “last minute” in E-BGP peer bandwidth graphs was showing wrong data.
      • Bulk action was not working for LACP parameters of aggregate interfaces.
      • Search was not working in graph add/edit dialogue in Graph Boards.
      • The Monitoring notifications were missing for E-BGP peers terminated on a switch.


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