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Netris on Packet Pushers’ Day Two Cloud Podcast

VPC-Networking in the Cloud is Simple.

What if you could bring that easy-to-use experience on-premise? Well, now you can with Netris! Netris’s CEO and Co-founder Alex Saroyan joins Packet Pushers and Day Two Cloud podcast to give a 10,0000-foot view of Netris to network engineers.

In this Day Two Cloud podcast episode, Saroyan discusses:

  • What makes Netris different from existing network provisioning tools
  • Dive into what platforms Netris support
  • How Netris can fit into your infrastructure-as-code stack

If you are a DevOps engineer, cloud practitioner, or network engineer looking to create a VPC network on-prem, then this is Day Two Cloud podcast episode will unveil some insights that is changing the industry landscape. Finally, Saroyan answers questions such as how does Netris VPC-networking fit with Terraform for my networking gear? How easily does Netris integrate with Kubernetes?

Learn how Netris can give you VPC networking experience on-prem or edge infrastructure by listening to Alex Saroyan on Packet Pushers’ Day Two Cloud podcast.

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Alex Saroyan has been involved in architecting and operating large-scale data center networks for telcos and online companies globally since 2001. Passionate about efficiency, simplicity, and goodness, Alex has co-founded Netris.ai to bring cloud-like user experience to private on-prem networks.