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Services with Netris and MetalSoft joint solution.

The Challenge

The shift to dynamic infrastructure, driven by cloud adoption, has forced organizations to reconsider all aspects of their infrastructure operations and consumption, including off-cloud deployments. 

Traditional compute, storage, and network operations processes do not meet private or public cloud platform requirements. Common issues include:


The traditional network management plane has little to no abstraction. It is designed for operation by network engineers, fulfilling user requests through ticketing systems. Each request takes days to weeks to implement -- while in a cloud system, user requests come through an API and must be implemented in less than a minute.


The fundamental lack of a higher level of abstraction negates the concept of immediate, consistent, and guaranteed cloud-like provisioning of infrastructure resources required.


Disconnect between Compute and Network platforms. Application and Compute platforms have no control/feedback over the network resources through an API, thus requiring a human in the middle of systems.

Even with advanced homegrown automation built on top of the traditional network operations model, it is time-consuming, error-prone, and prohibitively complex.

''To build a cloud, you need a cloud-worthy foundation.''

Netris + MetalSoft solution

Purpose-built software for providing and operating private and public cloud services.

Netris Software

Netris software enables cloud-like VPC networking for any environment. Netris software not only abstracts away switch-fabric operation but also has a DPDK/SmartNIC accelerated VPC gateway. Netris software delivers cloud-like networking services utilizing your regular servers and switches from various vendors.

MetalSoft Software

MetalSoft software provides two other essential abstractions: Compute and Storage. MetalSoft automatically provisions the right operating system on bare metal servers, provisions and operates storage systems, and interconnects the compute and storage with the proper VPCs using Netris API integration.

Netris Metalsoft diagram2

Mix and Match

With Netris + MetalSoft providing essential infrastructure abstractions – you get the freedom of using Container, VM, and hardware platforms of your choice.

Focus on what's unique to your business

Use and combine any Container and VM platforms without worrying about infrastructure. Netris + MetalSoft will dynamically provision and configure the network, bare metal compute, and storage services behind the scenes.

Be Hardware Independent

Freedom of using hardware from multiple vendors

Use Cloud-worthy fundament

Netris + MetalSoft provides the fundamental cloud-like APIs for your engineers and platforms to consume network, compute, and storage utilizing your hardware.

Netris Metalsoft

''Give your Engineers stronger starting point.''

Scalable and Flexible architecture

Cost-efficient for any scale. Horizontally scalable Architecture.

Any Scale

Small or Hyperscale. We support any number of leaf and spine switches and VPC Gateways. This Architecture is efficient for any scale and allows for flexible growth as business requires.

Any Hardware

Treat hardware as a block of resources. Don’t think about how to operate it. Netris + MetalSoft software will do the thinking and operation for you.

Your Secret Sauce

Build your custom secret sauce on top of professionally built infrastructure APIs – not ground up.

Netris Metalsoft