Netris 3.4.0 Release Notes

Release date: 06 March 2022

New Platform Integration

PhoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud – Netris VPC is now natively supported on PhoenixNAP bare metal platform. 

New Features

SoftGate maintenance mode

  • Maintenance mode for SoftGate nodes can be enabled through editing each SoftGate node under Net→Inventory. When SoftGate is set for maintenance mode Netris agent will try to offload the traffic on another node so you can safely perform maintenance on deactivated SoftGate.

Multi-interface SoftGate (experimental)  

  • This feature allows you to instruct SoftGate to bind each V-Net to a specified interface (instead of bond0.<vlanid>) by using V-Net tags (int=”eth7”). This feature is only available for VPC Anywhere (switch fabric = dot1q Trunk). The anticipated use case is to use Netris SoftGate as a virtual machine to perform as a gateway for the VMware cluster (instead of using VMware NSX) Read the documentation for this feature.

Host reservation with type sys

  • Netris API (RestAPI only) allows reserving hosts in the IPAM. The anticipated use case is to be able to reserve some IP addresses that are being statically used by any systems so Netris doesn’t assume they are free for DHCP and Load Balancer use.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • DNAT rule previously was blocking private networks from other V-Nets from accessing the private host behind the DNAT rule.
  • SoftGate failover was slow with the full routing table.
  • SoftGate PRO boot-up may, under some circumstances, lead to 30 seconds service interruption.
  • Physical site-to-site link has been prioritized over the SiteMesh VPN tunnel.
  • Traffic originated in one site and destined to a public IP (LB-VIP or DNAT global IP address) was traveling through SiteMesh and being dropped. A fix is provided to always route such traffic over the Public Internet, bypassing SiteMesh.  
  • FRR service failure was not leading to traffic switchover causing packet drops. A fix is provided where Netris monitors FRR service liveness and will switch over traffic to another SoftGate node in case of an FRR service crash. A monitoring alarm was and is available for such FRR failure. 
  • DHCP service may fail (Kea process crash) in a situation when multiple DHCP requests with the same MAC address but different IDs are received. A Fix has been provided to (1) provide the same IP address per MAC address and (2) avoid Kea service crash.
  • Netris-tech-support troubleshooting data collector now also collects DHCP service data.
  • Previously, changing the DHCP IP address range for the already deployed V-NET was impossible.
  • BFD service was not enabled automatically. A fix has been provided to ensure that BFD service is enabled for FRR for each SoftGate node.