Netris 4.0.0 release notes

Netris 4.0.0 Release Notes

Release date: 25.07.2023

New Features

Multi-VPC & Multi-VRF support

  • Netris 4.0.0 enables the configuration of multiple isolated VPCs within the same hardware. Each Netris VPC runs an isolated virtual routing and forwarding table (VRF) with BGP, static routing, and looking glass (centralized routing table lookup) support. Netris VPCs also provide isolated IPAM and V-Net (Layer2 with default gateway).
  • Netris SoftGate provided services: Load Balancer, NAT, Border Router, and SiteMesh are currently limited to a single, default VPC and will support multiple VPCs in the next release.


EVPN/VXLAN Multi-homing

  • Automatic Multi-Homed LAG with LACP is designed to provide easy and automatic physical network link redundancy for servers. There is no need for the network and systems engineers to negotiate the LAG and LACP settings manually anymore. Netris-managed switch-fabric now monitors LACP messages coming from servers and, by leveraging powerful EVPN/VXLAN capabilities of modern switches, will automatically make appropriate pairs of switch ports form a Link Aggregation with active/active or active/standby (depending on which the switch vendor supports mode) configurations.
  • Manual Multi-Homed LAG – while Automatic LAG is easy and convenient, there may be some special cases when the user needs to create a defined LAG/AGG interface and specify which switch ports exactly can and should be in the same LAG and with LACP on/off mode. This functionality is also based on EVPN/VXLAN multihoming. Hence you can configure MH-LAG across any switches, no matter if two switches are linked directly or transiting a spine switch.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • The virtual MAC address generation algorithm is changed to provide a randomness factor between Netris controllers. Previously if two separate Netris deployments were connected physically could potentially experience a MAC address conflict if two interconnected services happened to get the same VXLAN id.
  • Switch OS version in the inventory listing. Previously it was not showing the correct version for all switches.
  • BFD failure caused by using inventory profiles bug is fixed. Previously, when applying an inventory profile to a given SoftGate node, BFD would fail, and BGP redundancy would fall back to standard BGP timer-based.