Netris Release 2.9.0

Release Date: 5 March 2021

What’s new in this Netris Release?

  • Native Kubernetes Networking and Load-Balancing
  • 100Gbps performance upgrade for SoftGate Linux border router
  • Automatic on-demand L4 Load-Balancer
  • Automatic site-to-site interconnect through SiteMesh

Read the release notes below, or check out our documentation for detailed info.

  • Kubenet – a network service purpose-built for Kubernetes cluster nodes. Kubenet integrates with Kube API to provide an on-demand load balancer and other Kubernetes-specific networking features. Netris Kubenet is designed to complement Kubernetes CNI networking with modern physical networking. 
  • DPDK data plane support for SoftGate nodes – Provides higher performance for Linux-based Internet gateway (SoftGate). Up to 27Mpps/100Gbps for L3 routing, 12Mpps with NAT rules on.
  • L4 Load Balancer – In addition to switch-based Anycast Load Balancer, we now support a SoftGate/DPDK-based L4 Load Balancer. L4LB integrates with Kubernetes providing cloud-like on-demand load balancer service (type: load-balancer) in your local data center.
  • SiteMesh – a Netris service for automatically configuring site-to-site interconnect over the public Internet. SiteMesh supports configuration for WireGuard to create encrypted tunnels between participating sites and automatically generates configuration for FRR to run dynamic routing. In a few clicks, services in one site get connectivity to services in other sites over a mesh of WireGuard tunnels.
  • API logs – Comprehensive logging of all API calls sent to Netris Controller with the ability to search by various attributes, sort by any column, and filter by method type.
  • Ubuntu/SwitchDev updates – Removed the requirement for a hairpin loop cable. Removed the need for IP address reservation for V-NET, full support of anycast default gateway. 
  • Controller distributions – Netris controller, is now available in three deployment forms. 1) On-prem KVM virtual machine. 2) Kubernetes application. 3) Managed/Hosted in the cloud. 
  • Inventory Profiles – A construct for defining access security, timezone, DNS, NTP settings profiles for network switches and SoftGate nodes.
  • Switch/SoftGate agent – New installer with easy initial config tool. Support for IP and FQDN as a controller address. Authentication key. 
  • GUI – Improved Net→Topology section, now the main place for declaring the network topology. All sections got a column organizer, so every user can order and hide/show columns to their comfort.

Alex Saroyan has been involved in architecting and operating large-scale data center networks for telcos and online companies globally since 2001. Passionate about efficiency, simplicity, and goodness, Alex has co-founded to bring cloud-like user experience to private on-prem networks.