Netris Release 3.1.0

Release Date: 1 August 2022

Kubernetes was born in the public cloud, and made its way everywhere. S3 storage was born in the public cloud and made its way everywhere. The 3rd thing that is missing beyond the public cloud is the self-service VPC Networking of the public cloud.

With Netris 3.1.0 we start bringing VPC Networking to anywhere. We start delivering on this important mission with our partner Equinix. Today we bring VPC Networking to Equinix Metal. 

Learn more on the Netris website or read more on the Equinix website.

What’s new in this Netris Release?

  • Native integration of Equinix Metal API with Netris controller.
  • Automatic BGP upstream configuration & provisioning based on BGP service metadata in the Equinix Metal project.
  • Automatic Elastic IP address advertisement based on available elastic IP address subnets in Equinix Metal project.
  • Automatic IPAM, pulls in elastic IP address subnet information from Equinix Metal metadata. 
  • Elastic Load Balancer with Native Kubernetes support for Equinix Metal.
  • V-Net (virtualized, isolated networks) support for Equinix Metal with automatic configuration of Layer-2 networking of the Equinix Metal project.
  • Firewall to filter traffic between V-Nets and to/from the public Internet for Equinix Metal.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) for Equinix Metal project.
  • Site-Mesh, an automatic site-to-site VPN based on Wireguard and FRR for the Equinix Metal project.

Netris Bug Fixes

  • Agent installer one-liner now installs the right version of agent that is the most recommended for given version of Netris controller. 
  • Improved default BGP timers to fix prior issues of occasional BGP session flapping under high load conditions.
  • Previously broken “Save positions” function of the topology view is fixed.
  • Resolved frontend caching issues.
  • Resolved wrong IPAM nested subnets visualization issue.
  • SoftGate PRO now supports ACL firewalling too.

Alex Saroyan has been involved in architecting and operating large-scale data center networks for telcos and online companies globally since 2001. Passionate about efficiency, simplicity, and goodness, Alex has co-founded to bring cloud-like user experience to private on-prem networks.