Netris managed fabric Overview


VPC gateways (SoftGate) with Netris managed fabric is a comprehensive solution for operating physical networks as if they were cloud-based. By abstracting the complexities of granular network configuration, Netris enables you to operate your physical network using a top-down approach, similar to cloud management, instead of the traditional box-by-box operation.


The Netris managed fabric is a switch fabric that employs EVPN technology for enhanced configuration and performance. The Netris Switch Agent should be installed and operational within the user space of the switch’s network operating system (NOS). The agent is responsible for automatically generating specific switch configurations based on service requirements and policies defined in the Netris Controller. The Netris managed fabric delivers high capacity, redundancy, resilience, and high availability, along with traffic filtering based on access lists for optimal network performance.

Netris SoftGate, known as VPC gateway, is a software for enabling border routing, Layer-4 Load Balancing, Network Address Translation (NAT), DHCP, and site-to-site VPN function on a regular x86 server with a SmartNIC card or without it.